Welcome to website of the ORGANIC FOOD, S.R.O.

Our company is a wholesale supplier of flowers, various fruits, vegetables and foodstuffs, as well as engaged pre-processing and packaging of high-quality fruit and vegetable products. Nowadays we cooperate with European and Russian clients. 


ORGANIC FOOD, S.R.O. is a reliable partner in wholesaler business and supplies only unique and quality products.


Our advantages:

 We offer a wide range of flower products: cut flowers, pot plants, outdoor plants, purchased on the territory of the EU and South American countries 

 Strict observance of temperature and ventilation requirements during transportation of the products

 Special packing and specially equipped warehouses

 All-year-round supply of flower products 

 Prompt preparation of all the necessary documents for transportation and subsequent customs clearance 

 Reasonable wholesale prices, economically viable for the clients

 Personalized approach to every client