Our products

 Cut flowers

Preservation of such specific product as fresh cut flowers requires strict observation of transport and storage conditions.

Our company offers a large number of species of cut flowers. We also deliver goods promptly and efficiently. 


 Pot plants

We offer a wide range of indoor pot plants.

Strict observance of temperature and ventilation requirements during transportation and special packing ensure the preservation of the plants.


 Outdoor plants

We offer outdoor plants to our customers as well. The range of available plants includes both widespread and rare, exotic plants.




Here you can order a wide range of fruits, including pears, oranges, grapes, apples and more. Delivery is carried out in the shortest time possible with all required temperature conditions to preserve the freshness and juiciness of fruits.





Our company offers a wide range of vegetables including potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onions and zucchini, to deliver large and small wholesale networks, retail stores and restaurants.





Fresh greens and salads, mushrooms, exotic fruits and also dried fruits, nuts and other products at affordable wholesale prices. We guarantee high quality, freshness and excellent taste properties of the products supplied through established logistic schemes and the availability of modern warehouse complexes.