Ahoy! During the Europa Cup of Floristry (April 7-9) The Flower Lab drops its anchors in Italy’s greatest harbour city: Genua. And what better way to celebrate the continuation of this project than by announcing a re-design of the shop, of which the first of three new themes is unveiled. TFL is going navy! But that’s not all, we are proud to announce our brand new floral terrace where we serve drinks and bites. And to crown it all, we have new and improved tips informing the florist even better!



The Flower Lab is a collaboration between The German Trade Association FDF: free news portal for the international floriculture industry and Florismart: the first online market place. Originally it was presented at IPM Essen 2016, and has now been brought to Genua, the centre of European Floristry from the 7th-9th of April. Flowerweb was one of the founders of this project. The traveling exhibition explains to florists how the younger generation, the Millennials, think and behave in the new digital age. It states the importance of engaging with customers on and offline.

Through a series of informative coloured corridors visitors get to know the groups’ four main characteristics: interactive, smart, visual and conscious & positive. To show florists how to successfully incorporate those characteristics in their businesses, TFL makes the information attainable by implementing it into a fictional shop. From the complete white foundation and the fun Alice in Wonderland-inspired product signs, to the presentation of flowers on top of a pedestal with a glass bell over it; it all is related back to the theory.